The Wedding Shades

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A wedding as we all know is a once in a lifetime affair, a milestone in the life two people. It has so many aspects that it’s nearly impossible to pin down the most or the least important. As a matter of fact there is no least important aspect as far as a wedding is concerned. Hence it takes an artist with a vision different from the ordinary to capture a wedding in all it’s matrimonial glory and in all it’s shades.

Mr Priyam Fernandes feels that this zest to archive the intricate moments of a wedding is the reason behind the birth of ”The Wedding Shades”. Having pursued a masters degree in genetics, this plunge into wedding photography is a huge decision to make. There must be an ardent urge for photography that lead him to have faith in such a sudden decision.

Seeing these beautiful photographs, we thank the stars that he choose photography as his career path.

Or maybe photography choose him..

The Wedding Shades are a digital photography company specializing in candid wedding photography based in Mumbai. They are passionate about capturing your most important day & help you preserve it for a life time.

The Wedding Shades have captured over a thousand beautiful wedding stories with their eminent team of photographers lead by Mr Fernandes. Their photography techniques are creative yet subtle and as far as professionalism is concerned they use top notch technology for lighting, lenses and editing.

Their extensive photography services include candid photography, cinematography, studio photography, pre-wedding shoot, and production of wedding albums. Their team makes a great choice for destination weddings as they are always travel ready and highly well-equipped regarding outdoor photography.

Their sense of light and focus and the way they make the best use of natural as well as artificial lighting is truly praiseworthy. Shooting in landscape backgrounds can be tricky, but it’s one of their strengths. So be it a city wedding or a destination one you can rest assured that the photos would come out to be nothing less than dreamy memoirs.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale, and this love deserves the best expression through the lens of The Wedding Shades.

These stunning photographs in all the shades of matrimony will remain evergreen and help you retrospect your wedding day moments with the your special ones. That is the prime purpose of the services provided by The Wedding Shades team.

Gone are the days of cliched wedding photography where the cameraman’s work is limited to the bride and groom. This modern day team of wedding photography doesn’t only capture creative candids of the bride and groom but also all the people, the traditions and the joy that surrounds the couple.

Just as the bride and groom complete one another, great photography completes a well planned wedding.

Having worked in this field since 2012, in a variety of locations including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Thane and Udaipur, they have all the experience that one needs to sharpen the skill of their art. This explains their excellent customer reviews and demand in the market of wedding photography services. Such services are invaluable to extravagant weddings.

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