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A photograph never grows old, but it opens doors into the past and also allows us a look into the future. As we stand in the present knowing we have no control over time, something as simple as a photograph gives us that power in subtle ways. This concept of holding on to our finest moments and dearest memories makes professional photography services an essential part of a wedding. In order to render such services two individuals holding a Master’s degree in Photography and in Business management respectively, teamed up to establish The Photo Lab.

Mr Devansh has worked in the competitive field of wedding photography for 4 years and plans on dedicating many more years to creative photography. He has all the tricks up his sleeve when it comes taking vivid lifelike  photographs.

Mr Saurik, a commercial and a fashion photography specialist, adds his share of spice to the team by capturing some exquisite portrait photographs which look more like a fragment of imagination or a painting.

Having traveled to various destinations the such as Goa, Udaipur, Delhi, and Kolkata to grace numerous wedding with their professional services, they make the perfect cut when it comes to the exceptional photography requirements of a destination wedding.

It takes a true artist to make such great choices of background for every single photo to be this stunning. Lucky for the ”soon-to-weds” that The Photo Lab is a team of two such artists who create living breathing souvenirs

They believe there is beauty in every little detail of a photo when shot from the best angle and laced with elegant lighting.

Their signature style of wedding and pre wedding shoots is minimalist photography and Environmental Portraits.

Gone is the era of awkward photos and stiff poses, as The Photo Lab gets the job done without their clients  having to worry. The result is graceful and naturalistic candids.

After all, its the small moments that make life big.

The photography dream team never shies away from experimenting with a variety of styles inspired by fashion as well as commercial photography, ensuring their client’s wedding photos stand out to be one of a kind.

So here’s to love, laughter and the happily ever after captured in color as well as shades of black and white, much like a collage of dreams.

”I Got my pre-wedding and wedding shots…the pictures have come out so well! It was an amazing experience! Thorough professionals.We had a great time working with the team”, feedback  by  one of their many satisfied clients.

The dynamic duo of The Photo Lab is all set to provide their well equipped and personalized photography services to numerous clients in the years to come catering to all their photography requirements. Their clients can rest assured to feel comfortable in front of the camera and experience the intimacy of a bridal photo shoot.


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