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An eye for emotions, passion and an understanding of traditions is what sets apart a  wedding photographer in their field of work. It’s difficult to summarize the importance of their services in words because without them a lot of memories would fade with time, memories which are so efficiently framed into memoirs by these professionals.

Although Namit Narlawar and Vipul Sangilkar are computer engineers, it was there passion that drove them towards photography to look at the beautiful world through the lens. 

To begin with, they were initially involved in fashion and children portfolio shoots and candid shoots too. they never had plans to become a wedding photographer, it just happened to them. When they realised that their real passion was photography they left there IT job and started working on there own.

“A photographer is complete when others can see the picture through his eyes”, their photography is all about preserving memories by capturing those rare moments and presenting them in the way they look at them.

Namit and vipul also works with a team of professionals to offer personalised photography and videography services. They specialize in beautiful and simplistic wedding and pre-wedding shoot focusing on the relationship and equation of a couple and the joy it brings to their family and friends.
Capturing love in the most breath-taking backgrounds and destinations is what makes their job so exciting. The love for their job is evident in every life-like photograph
 They bring out the best of an Indian wedding by focusing on the culture, traditions, rituals and vibrant colors and decor that define a ”big fat Indian wedding”. In the photograph posted below the focus on the mehendi patterns perfectly express the fun and lively atmosphere of this ritual.
It’s every bride’s wish to look her best on her special day and a lot of planning goes behind her overall bridal attire. She deserves to be captured in all her glory by professionals who knows what angles and lighting works best for her.
A beautiful bird’s-eye-view  photograph of the wedding venue so that every detail of your wedding stays fresh in your memories as you look at these pictures whenever you wish to relive these moments of celebratory grandeur.
There is something about love and feelings in the moment, they just seem to go hand in hand to create the perfect picture.
Dressed to be the brides of modern day are always picture perfect. They are just a professional photographer away from the perfect photograph. Owing to the skillful use of lighting and focus by The Knotty Affair  every photograph has a wholesomeness that appeals to our senses.
”Better than i was, more than i am, all of this happened by taking your hand”.  A wedding evokes happy, emotional and funny instances so they love capturing a concoction of it all for their clients so they can relive those special moments with a nostalgic smile when they look through the pictures years after
Their awards include getting selected in top 20 photographers in Mumbai (2015), selected in Fab 5 Photographers in wedding vows magazine (2016) and in top 10 photographers in Mumbai in 2016. They have also made it in the top 100 on web in world (2016).


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