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A perfect wedding is the one that blurs the line between dream and reality, although every moment is real it all seems ”too good to be true”. Wedding photography services come in handy when you want to hold on to these dreamy realities of life for longer so every time you relive them you realize it wasn’t a dream after all.

Shweta and Soumak are a real life couple based in Goa, both being passionate about photography they started their own wedding photography venture.They started with documentary wedding photography when it was still relatively niche in India and not something every person with a camera was trying their hands at.

That was about six years ago. Since then we have covered a little more than 150 wedding assignments.Being lovebirds themselves they understand the value of capturing genuine love through their lenses instead of just shooting flashy wedding photos. In the opinion of a lot of their clients the factor itself sets them apart.

In today’s world of wedding photography where the magic of genuine moments is at times lost in the pursuit of that “Wow!” photo, we are trying to hold on to our forte, which has been to tell the complete story of a wedding through a series of well documented, interconnected photos.

Their style of photography results in warm, fuzzy and heart-melting photographs which are real and definitely not posed for. They have a commendable dedication to photography and they never miss a great shot. There is so much life and movement in each photograph that it’s breath taking.

Interesting destination weddings are a treat to Soumak’s photographer’s eye as he excels in dreamy, naturalistic landscape shots. Such excellent shots  have earned them great acclamation as a photography team. They’ve been featured in a few magazines, written articles in some magazines and also won an award.

As Pragya took steps towards the mandap, the emotions on her parents face came out so gracefully in this photograph. His photography truly reflects what an emotional journey weddings are, especially for the parents of the bride and groom.

There is always an air of fun and mischief when the bridesmaids are in the same frame as the groom.

Brides love to twirl because it’s is essential to unfold the colors and beauty of Indian bridal couture. The photograph has been taken with skillful use of natural lighting and focus on the intricacies of the bridal attire.

A trendy photograph from their excellent collection of pre-wedding photo shoots. They like to keep it crisp, simple and stylish, just like a fashion magazine.

There is something mystical and so charming about the colors and decor of Indian weddings. The Creative Lens photography tries to focus on these elements to create vibrant photographs.

The colorless sparkle of a classic black and white portrait never gets old, and they add a touch of modern-day conceptualization to make it even better.

A perfect candid shot by Soumak, as team bride share a giggle in their gorgeous lehengas.

”I  personally love the candid part where the photographers take happy loving pictures of the chemistry between the couple, laughter in the family, pranks the friends play, the cuteness of the little ones- all in their natural raw forms, and Soumak did a super job at that” quoted by Apoorva Jain one of their many satisfied clients.

The brides and grooms and their families love The Creative Lens for being able to bring back to them memories of how their wedding truly was – real, honest, beautiful and relatable after years – something which makes their wedding photography services worth the investment.


+91 98347 96136 (Soumak for Wedding Photography)

+91 88268 44995 (Shweta for Lifestyle Photography).


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