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The importance of wedding photography professionals is usually underestimated until much later when you see the final product of their hard work in the photos of your dream wedding. These photographs will help you immerse in the experience of your wedding over and over again as you turn the pages of your wedding album.

Studio A is one of India’s finest premium wedding photography & wedding film-making team. From exotic destination weddings to intimate ‘under-the-tree’ weddings, they have done numerous weddings from a variety of cultural backgrounds, till date, across the globe.

Their destination weddings are spun across Mumbai, Gangtok, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, and outside the Indian borders as well in places like the USA, Greece, Srilanka, Dubai, Australia, etc. Studio A is a boutique of talented photographers and videographers that specializes in creative wedding photography and films.

“Studio A” – a name synonymous with ‘creative wedding photography’ today, took root in 2010, as a simple idea of the founder Amar Ramesh aided by a single editor then.

They are based in Chennai, but their weddings have taken them to places across the globe. Whether your wedding is on an exotic island in the middle of an ocean or under a tree in your ancestral village, they would love to be there all equipped with the right lens.

They strive to give you timeless photographs that celebrate your love, make your parents honored and leave your friends envious. They ensure it is purely your dream captured in their excellent perspective.

The royal romance of Sushant & Vaishnavi captured with passion and technical mastery. It was the team’s dream to cover an Udaipur wedding and they have done sheer justice to it. Destination weddings being their forte they have utilized the breath-taking backgrounds like a charm.

Instead of limiting their job to capturing the bride and the groom they go the distance to capture the people, the happiness and emotions on their faces as well as stunning aerial shots of the dreamy wedding venues.

It’s been 5 years and Studio A now has an energetic wedding photography team of 25 that includes passionate wedding photographers, cinematographers, editors, writers, interns and studio managers. Studio A does wedding photography bringing to the fore a perfect mix of tradition and modernity.

As much as they understand the smartness in the digital world, they definitely appreciate the authenticity of the traditional touch. In addition to the digital albums they deliver, Studio A also delivers signature coffee table wedding albums for you to turn your memories over time.

A different wedding in a new place always gives them a kick of adventure which leads to all kinds of new ideas. Not only did the team get to shoot the beautiful orthodox Greek wedding of Vivi and George, but also managed to squeeze in a little bit of time to do a few couple portraits right in the heart of Santorini.

Studio A does outdoor shoots round the year, but once in a while they get to camp in a location that sweeps their senses like a fresh wave. On the exciting list is their sensation, Orchha! Not many know about this small town that stays tugged on the Betwa river in Madhya Pradesh. The result is magnificent photographs in fresh colors and compositions.

” We’ve done more than 350 weddings, but trust us, every time it is a different feeling that comes in and that’s the thing about love – it just gets newer every time”, a quote the team mutually believes in. Leaving behind a trail of happy clients, their talent and wholehearted dedication is umatchable.


Phone      + 91 7299-922881

Address – No 2, P.S.Sivaswamy salai, mylapore ,
Chennai – 600004 Tamil Nadu . 

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