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”The most important elements to a good photo are lighting, composition and emotions. All three make for a fantastic image. But a true photographer knows that emotion trumps all.”

A pass out from Daulat Ram college, Sona Sachdeva became a part of the photography society as she started to attend photography meets of Delhi. The gradual realisation of her love for photography reached it’s culmination when the naturalistic pictures uploaded by her on Instagram started to attract a great response.

The day she got featured by Instagram community for one week which was a very big achievement for her, she decided to build up her portfolio and pursue this further. Dedicated as she is, Sona Sachdeva interned with photographers from the wedding industry to gain the experience that is evident in her work today.

Eventually, she started getting leads from people and now has her own company with an office in Lajpat Nagar running under her supervision for a span of 2-3 years. She hasn’t looked back ever since the day she made the decision to hone her talent as a photographer and her clients are thankful she did.

Wedding industry in India has developed a lot with time, if we compare the photographs of our parent’s wedding and the sort of photographs we have now in this highly competitive field, we’ll see the journey of advancement right there. Undoubtedly, the credits can be given to the developing technologies but the outstanding precision and photography skills can’t be overlooked.

Such skills is what sets Sona Sachdeva apart in the practice of her art. Posted below is a stunning specimen of her work where she has beautifully captured the bride and her cheerful bridesmaids.

Her compositions mostly include fresh colours, artistic backgrounds and of course lots of emotions and expressions, all captured in it’s most pure and natural state.

Bride Ashni Rastogi looks radiant as she enjoys a twirl in her bright yellow lehenga almost looking as vibrant as the summer sun.


Sona Sachdev Photography takes a steps ahead of cliched wedding pictures and covers a lot more than just the wedding. Afterall, the most raw intimate moments like the bride getting ready for her big day can make breath-taking memories to look back to.

Outdoor shoots being her forte, she makes excellent use of portrait backgrounds and natural lighting to create dreamy pre-wedding shoot photographs.

Photography is known to be an art of observation. It has little to do with the things we see and everything to do with the way a photographer sees them. Needless to say, every couple deserves a photographer who truly sees the love and is able to understand the bond that comes with it.

Her photography brings to life the rich traditions and sentiments of an Indian wedding.

Sona Sachdeva has done more than justice to all her projects in the wedding industry and has a number of satisfied clients. With her extensive editing, photography, videography and album designing services she knows exactly the kind of work a client expects from her. She believes her passion for the camera has brought her so far in this career path and will get her all the achievements she deserves in the near future.

Contact  Details :-

Address – Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, India.

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Call – +91 88003 38808

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