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Photography is the art of capturing moments that pass us by before we know it. The importance of this art is often underestimated while planning a wedding. Marriage is an invaluable chapter in one’s life and Photoman is just a call away when it comes to making a photo album of that chapter.

Mr Bharat Khosla is the one man army who runs photoman. A photography enthusiast since his childhood days, he accredits the gift of his photography skills to his father. His dedication is insurmountable and he is never short of talent and skill when it comes to bridal portraits.

He believes in clicking the most elegant pictures when beautiful brides get ready for the auspicious moments and rituals on their big day.

His work focuses on mesmerizing candids as well as stunning landscape pictures that make wedding photos look like the pages from a fairy-tale. This photo of a wedding venue in all its glory speaks volumes about his sense of lighting and photography aesthetics.

His presence of mind when it comes to angles and capturing rare moments is truly praiseworthy. Every click is perfection and the 21st-century brides wouldn’t settle for anything less.

While going through his work one can’t help but drool over his food photography…

The fun and frolic atmosphere, the glow of merriment on everyone’s cheeks must be captured because great moments are unplanned and they don’t wait for anyone. Need we say more about how a photographer always has to stay on his toes to take photos like these?

Nothing can surpass the beauty and richness of Indian weddings and sometimes a great wedding photo is all that it takes to bring back those feelings and relive those moments.

Sometimes good timing is the only way to get the perfect click with all the charm and feeling caught in the frame. Speaking of which, Mr Khosla’s candids are delightful in their own way.

To him photography is a whole new language of love and he believes in making everyone a part of it.

A great photographer is a fashionista’s best-friend ! Especially on her wedding day.

This bride gets her Cinderella moment as she ties the knot with her chosen one.

In addition to the bride and groom, the food, and the venue he pays homage to Indian wedding rituals with heart warming photographs.

The intermingling of focus and blur is something he often uses to create artistic and frame-worthy photographs.

Founded in 2015, Photoman has come a long way in a short period of time. Photoman’s work received great appreciation from all the couples Mr Khosla has worked for. He is undoubtedly the go-to photographer for the ultimate professional wedding photography experience.


Phone  076077 01948



Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi, India.




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