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A wedding is often the most cherished memory in  a couple’s history, and having said that we can’t ignore the importance of wedding photography. This memory of a life time must be captured with all the brilliance, expertise and love. Neha Jiwarajka-Basu found her true calling behind the lens to do just that. She pursued Psychology and HR at Warwick University before she discovered her innate talent for photography.

Having grown up in a Marwari family, Neha knows weddings inside-out, and instead of regular staged shots, she captures those poignant moments –from the secret smiles of the couple to the misty eyes of the parents.

All of her images are vibrant, life-like and special, she clicks action and emotion at their best. So, when you flip through your album even years later, her scintillating shots will leave you with tears and a smile.

“Neha’s work speaks for itself. It’s brilliant. We were very happy with the way she captured our special moments. She embedded herself in the festivities and managed to detail experiences as we remember them. Neha was also super easy to work with and it was a pleasure to have her at our wedding.” says Asha & Gibran, whose wedding was shot by Neha in New York City.

Neha passionately utilizes the intricacies of weddings in order to capture truly unbelievable images. Her work goes a step further to help exude the love and happiness that a wedding has. Every couple deserves to be able to look back on their most memorable day of their relationship and visualize it to its minute details.

It takes great skill to take images that tell a story and this particular one, specifically, is told beautifully. The emotions captured on every person’s face speaks of an experience that every wedding dreams of having.

Neha’s knowledge of camera angles and timing truly makes her one of the best in her field. To be able to patiently wait for the moment that changes the perspective of the viewer and to be able to capture it with such vividness requires the skills of a creative genius.

Every bit of her work ranging from the unconventional candids to the staged spectacles, Neha works her magic on every image that she clicks and breaths life into the lens of her camera.

Neha’s intense passion and love for the art of photography corroborates in her work and every wedding needs a photographer like her. Her hard work and perseverance to capture a wedding in the most memorable and unique way does not go unnoticed.

In addition to her excellent quality of work, Neha is an incredibly delightful person! She got along so well with our family and friends, and was more of a friend than a photographer at our wedding.” ~ Sonam & Praful, California

Her professionalism is a cherry on top of the cake that is her photography. Neha’s ability to become a part of the wedding and include herself immensely in every aspect of the wedding.

Neha brilliantly is able to showcase the humanity in her images by freezing the moment she captures. In doing so, her work reveals how rich the reality of the wedding truly is.

All in all Neha’s extremely contemporary style of photography gives the feeling of going through the frames of a movie! She captures has documented the dream weddings of numerous clients and has never failed to make each one of them look every bit


Neha Brackstone photography
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