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Planning a wedding can be a humongous task, juggling multiple responsibilities that eventually have to be fulfilled within a limited time frame. Depending on the magnitude of the wedding, wedding planning tasks usually involve budgeting, making numerous bookings, researching venues and service providers, deciding the food & beverages menu and the list goes on. The extraordinary team of MEW can make all these tasks seem effortless and ordinary. After all why should the bride, groom and their families do anything other than enjoying the big party ?!

Mew is a  Mumbai based team, headed by the distinguished and inspirational Aditya Motwane. The team having a collective experience of around 40 years comprises Gaurav Batra, Anahita Havewala, Satish Nayak, Nehal Sagar, Dimple Agarwal, Nida Abed, Saival Jaradi, Vicky Gianani. Together they are known to be quite the talent-house.

Their services don’t exclude a single thing that a grand wedding demands. Hospitality, Entertainment, Decor, Food & beverages, Invites  & RSVP, Destinations, Transport & logistics, Creatives & gifting, and ceremonies & ancillary services, with all these it’s safe to say they’ve got more services under their wing than we can imagine.

To them it’s a lot more than just a wedding,it’s a visionary to give life to a magical, almost surreal experience, crafted especially for their clients. The witty and enthusiastic team weave themes and concepts which are so original they lend a fresh approach to wedding planning.

They use exceptional colors and wide range of decorative elements to recreate the ambiance of your dreams. You imagine and they execute with lights, color, glamour and grandeur. This is one of the reasons why  they spend a lot of their time in meeting new couples to discuss their wedding plans and how the team can assist them in pulling together the look and feel of their big day.

They create wedding decor themes by aesthetically recreating seasonal blooms, such as the charming ” spring floral decor” or the delectable ”cherry blush theme”. All their decor projects are based on the fundamentals of sophistication and leaving a lasting  impression on the guests.


Weddings are synonymous with culinary feasts. Nothing better than a grand pre-selected menu in a lavish  decorative buffet. The elaborate food display counters often include drool-worthy food art of the sweet and savory.  They ensure that all meals are a feast to the eyes as much as to the taste-buds.

The interestingly themed wine & beverages counters are a total crowd puller and they compliment the festive feel of a wedding. They are perfect for a mid-afternoon tête-à-tête or to get the cocktail party going.

Destination weddings being their forte, their clients don’t have to fret at all regarding the venues, their availability and bookings. It’s all taken care of by team Motwane as they are really experienced when it comes to venue contacts and getting the best deals from them.

Be it Hotels, palaces, beach resorts, auditoriums, stadiums, yachts, concert halls, piazzas and even the Concorde museum, they’ve left their mark in all these exotic venues.

And did we mention fire works ? We must because your special day deserves that extra spark !

In the midst of all this glitz and glam it’s important to not forget the mandatory. The MEW team takes care that the traditional Indian wedding rituals are fulfilled effortlessly. Although they love to experiment to create the most unique weddings they believe in maintaining the cultural touch to it’s truest form.

This monumental wedding cake is almost unbelievable to the eyes, but they have made it possible with their expertise. The floral detailing on every inch of this enormous cake steals the show apart from it’s size. Mew has truly perfected the art of grandeur.

They have planned and executed around 54 weddings and more than thousand events in India and worldwide. They are impeccable when it comes to the art of grandeur and mastering it.

” A goal without a plan is just a wish ”.                                                                                                                         As efficient wedding planners this is the role team Motwane wishes to fulfill so that their client’s participation in the planning is a stress-free adventure.

The MEW team is well-seasoned and artfully-honed to deliver bespoke larger-than-life experiences. They excel in crafting large format events which makes them the perfect fit ”Big fat Indian weddings”. Their esteemed clientele would whole-heartedly agree with us on this.


098705 21000


288 Shiv Sadan, SV Road, Bandra West
Mumbai, India.



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