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Indian weddings are known for their unique characteristics and their elaborate celebrations, from cocktail party to mehendi there is never a lack of glitz and glamour. The first frame photography studio values the grandeur of Indian weddings and the sentiment behind it. They believe every picture clicked should speak, people should get the meaning from the silence of the captures and they never step out for work without this mindset.

They are a crew of seven dynamic members with Mr Kush Chauhan and Mr Gaurav Espuniyani as the managing directors. Mr Chauhan (Owner / Director)  is a Visual effects professional and is very passionate graphics.

On the other hand Mr Espuniyani, a graduate from MDI, Gurgaon, has 14 years of experience in the Industry. After setting up his publishing house, ventured into advertising and worked with companies like JWT, O&M and many more. The other members are Mr Ajay Gulati (Director of photograph/DOP), Mr Pankaj Singh Rawat (Cinematic editor & DOP), Farhan Haider (DOP), Kashish Nagpal (DOP) and Lawrence Augustin (Graphics designer & DOP) and each one of them have a vital contribution in the teams work.

Experienced in corporate, product, advertisement and commercial photography this diverse and versatile crew can get the perfect shot even in the worst conditions. Consequently, this strength makes them the perfect choice for your big day so you know you’ve put the responsibility of photography & videography in the right hands.

The highly qualified team takes full care that the images not only convey the right meaning but are also technically sound. They believe in quality and personalized services because of which they meet and discuss client requirements well in advance.

They use the best technology available in the market and all the images are all produced with the best and latest cameras, software and hardware. So the use the best and most appropriate lenses for a variety of creative and out-of-the box photographs.

The First Frame Studio is where creativity meets affordability and the result is lifelike photographs that bring to life a stream of memories.

Their services cover not only wedding and pre wedding photography but also various types of creative videography services. Maybe its time to go a little extra and consider a pre-wedding trailer to announce the good news.

The focus on the intricate details, the lighting, the perfect blend of colors all come together to document your dream wedding so that whenever you look back at these special moments, you see exactly what makes you happy. In this context we must mention that the team always does their best work within the guidelines of your taste and preferences.

Needless to say, with the First Frame Studio, every photograph comes out as beautiful as the reality of a wedding. The bride, the groom and all the merriment surrounding them captured with unmatchable brilliance.

The greatest joy of life is to love and the joy of a photographer is to capture that love.

They capture so much more that just the bride and groom. They extensively photograph all guests and relatives who are a part of these auspicious moments, with them you can never go wrong when it comes to capturing invaluable candids of moments so natural and elegant.

Every bride and groom has a special bond, a little world of their own, which is best captured from distance by the most skilled and observant photographer.

The First Frame Photography team is a great choice for elaborate Indian weddings which are really hard to cover from behind the lens, as it requires tireless amounts of work. The well coordinated team gets the job done smoothly and their clients get to see the excellent results without any delay.



+91 124 403 4444
+91 999 956 8077
+91 981 118 8831



553, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V,
Gurugram – 122016



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