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Weddings are all about special moments which celebrate and make official the exceptional  bond of the bride and the groom. Eclairs bakery is go-to cake designer when it comes to making your celebrations even more special by creating your very own Eclairs cake with an Exclusive design and look.

They  are a team of cake designers, more importantly a bunch of friends empowered with crazy ideas, faith and will power who intend to spin the world of cakes and present to you a new world, a new dimension and a new meaning to cakes.

Their excellent services include Wedding & anniversary cakes, kids cakes, 4D cakes and other drool-worthy exclusives. These awesome cakes stand tall with amazing cake toppers, a class in its own and perfectly tailored for your special day.

These cakes are a delectable delight when it comes to catering to the sweet tooth of your guests be it the auspicious wedding cake cutting ceremony or a personalized quirky bachelorette party. They are the go-to designers for all your sweet solutions and cake related needs.

Their hand crafted cakes look as fresh as they taste, with every detail on point each cake is different from the other. They bring to life a new theme with each cake they conceptualize and create with perfection for their clients.

Their gallery of past assignments flaunt a great many number of exceptionally hand crafted motifs and sculptures ranging from animals and human figures to floral shapes.They always look too good to be eat !

The precision and care with which the Eclairs Bakery team practice their art is truly praiseworthy. The use of vivid colors and intricate details is what sets them apart from their competitors.

The craziest of all genres are their 4D cakes.This category is a mad house of sugary treats. Bored with 3D cakes,
the Eclairs team wanted to create something out of this world special. Their zeal for innovation birthed the idea of adding another dimension to cake making.

These 4D cakes are a must try for special occasions as it takes us to a whole new world of Eclairs cakes. They just spell out fun and add a touch of grandeur to your celebrations.

Their expertise isn’t bound to just 4D cakes, they are undeniably good when it comes to regal bridal themed cakes. They have layers of patterns and beautiful designs inspired by the styles of Indian wedding decor. These larger than life cakes are meant to complete the ”big fat Indian wedding”.

As you dig into the delicacies that come out of their kitchen, you are sure to experience what they call ”love at first bite”.

These beauties melt in  your mouth and touch your heart, making your special day all the more memorable and full of laughter and merriment.

The milestones of the Eclairs bakery are the smiles on the faces of those they create this little sweetness for, the hearts that they touch and dreams that they turn into reality. At Eclairs they consider these emotions priceless! They are always enthusiastically at the service of their clients and pledge to never let them down when it comes to cakes.


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Gurgaon, Haryana



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