Deepti Sethi’s Makeup Artistry

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As the big day nears, and a new task is assigned to each date on the calendar until the day of the wedding; You have to pick a venue, hire a caterer, invite the guests, book a band—and the list goes on. Amidst the rush of all these stressful duties its vital that the ”queen of the big day” a.k.a. the bride doesn’t forget to contact a reliable make up artist. Now when we say reliable a lot of things come into play, namely their experience, make-up techniques, quality of products used (you don’t want a breakout on your special day), punctuality and most importantly their ability to envision the final look of your wedding day.

Deepti Sethi’s 11 years of experience in make-up artistry and hair design showcases through her work on brides, models, celebrities and other clients. Starting her career in the glamorous beauty and lifestyle hub of Bombay, Deepti has worked in the fashion,film,aviation and hospitality industry.

She then moved to Los Angeles to the world renowned and prestigious Cinema Make-up School to acquire the knowledge and skills of high fashion make-up and add finesse to her art. From a subtle day-time look to a gorgeous evening makeup, she has tailor made makeup solutions for every face.

Deepti’s style of make-up artistry is all about using top-of-the-line high quality makeup brands and kits to give her clients a fresh exotic look, keeping in mind her client’s personality and sense of style.

Deviating from the old cookie-cutter approach for her clients, she focuses on out of the box ideas and in-depth discussions before the day of the event to achieve exactly what her client has on her mind.

Her hair styling is unique and specific to suit different face types and shapes and she uses the best quality hair extensions and hair products to complement theses. This dreamy floral hairdo styled by Deepti for a wedding’s cocktail day would perfectly compliment any bridal outfit.


The perfectly blended smoky eye make-up with the bold matte lips, and the regal up-do goes perfectly with the pastel outfit. Deepti truly has her way with make-up when it comes to creating high fashion and sophisticated bridal looks.

Her experience in film and celebrity makeup helps her create the right balance for the desired look be it for the naked eye or the camera. Hence her brides always look photo-shoot ready without a single thing out of place.

After all, every bride deserves make-up as flawless as her perfectly planned wedding day.

Having worked on several prestigious projects in the sphere of Hollywood, she has an updated knowledge of the industry’s global trends.

As a consequence, she is the go-to make-up artist for many clients as she is an artist who can create a chic western ”cocktail look” as efficiently as she would create the ”classic Indian bridal look” for the day of the wedding.

Deepti marks her success by the fact that she is able to turn 90% of her clients into repeat clients, in the process of which she has made numerous friends and built intimate bonds with her clients which according to her makes her professional life a lot more fun.


She has practiced her skill on hundreds of faces not just picture perfect models but also real people from different walks of life, which is why she is able to see beauty in every face and does excellent work to enhance that beauty.

”All my life in my career i have spent hours listening to the needs of the consumer, understanding their struggles with beauty and delivering within that space”, these words stated by Deepti Sethi reflect how she wholeheartedly believes in winning the confidence of her clients before she does their make-up. Every bride deserves this kind of exceptional care when it comes to getting ready before tying the knot.



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