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“A tear contains an ocean. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a person’s life that reveal greater truths.” In this case the greater truth being the beautiful reality of a wedding  which brings to our notice how crucial wedding photography is for capturing the these moments in their truest essence.
A wedding is an event a couple never wants to forget. From saying their promises to each other to watching those closest to them share touching remarks and be a part of their everlasting memories. A photographer is a magician  whose vision and skill bring out these emotions.
Apratim has created this magic for countless weddings and his work shows this in every angle. For the past six years, ever since his college years, he has used photography as a medium of expression and creativity.
Apratim uses his lens and captures images that purely showcase the true of beauty of the small aspects of every wedding. His creative imagination can be felt in every picture that he takes.
From capturing the most intimate emotions to telling story of the wedding in a way that would do justice to the couple’s love and their loved one’s happiness.
Apratim’s work has every bit of dedication and a personal touch to make it truly fascinating to the viewer’s eyes. To be able to tell the love in the eyes of the couple is everything that a photographer aspires to capture.
His over forty thousand followers and several satisfied clients have continuously appreciated his work and have had nothing but gratitude for him. His expertise in highlighting the beauty of the bride in awe-inspiring portraits has brought him fame and respect in his field throughout these years.
Apratim’s vision is spectacular and his camera is an instrument with which he paints these figments of glamour and serenity.
His drive for excellence and his passion for his field of photography is the catalyst for all the splendid work he has done so far for the many weddings he has been a part of.
The intelligent use of colors and lighting to highlight the subtleness of his subjects really bring his images to life. By doing this, Apratim creates magic that his clients can breathe a sigh of relief and wonderment on witnessing his oeuvre.
“Photos are the return tickets to the moment otherwise gone..Thank you, Apratim for letting me preserve my moments forever. It was indeed a wonderful experience and probably one of the best decision to have you for my couple shoot.” – Sakshi Suneja, an ecstatic client who till this day continues to treasure every moment of her wedding thanks to Apratim’s photographic art and finesse.
In all honesty, Apratim’s work surpasses every expectation that a man and woman have for their wedding photography needs.
He has continued to go above and beyond to depict the extravagant adventure that love is. His dedication to the cause does not go unnoticed and a decision to include him in their wedding would be the best decision that anyone would take.


Apratim Photography
Phone number : +91 99997 67931


Email : apratimphotography@gmail.com
Website : http://www.apratimphotography.com
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